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  • I have an injury, can I still do the exercises?"
    Please always ask your GP before starting a new exercise programme, especially if you have an injury. You can also get in touch with me if you are concerned about any exercises. If, for example, you routinely have trouble with your knee joints, there are ways to modify exercises that may be more difficult or uncomfortable for you to do. It is important to stress that no exercise programme should ever hurt. If you feel pain while exercising, stop immediately and see your GP to make sure everything is okay.
  • What equipment will I need to train?
    At a minimum you just need a floor surface with either a mat or carpet to do these exercises. However, you would benefit from also having: A set of simple 1.5kg, 2kg and 3kg weights Some resistance exercise bands Note: these links take you to Amazon. They are not affiliate links.
  • What support will I have during the programme?
    I’m here to help - this isn’t one of those online courses where you sign up and are left on your own! I will be sending you emails throughout the training programme to let you know when the new exercise series are up, give you reminders and encouragement to stick with your routine and provide additional tips and support throughout. And you can also contact me anytime throughout the programme with questions you have.
  • What is the time commitment?
    You need to commit to completing the exercise series 2 to 3 times a week. Each series will take you between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. You can break them up throughout the day or do them all at once - whatever suits your schedule.
  • How can I cancel my membership?
    If you decide to cancel a monthly membership, you can do so at any time. You are charged at the start of a month, and that amount cannot be refunded. Once you cancel the membership you will not receive any further charges. Unfortunately the one-off membership payments are non-refundable.
  • What fitness level do I need to have for Floor & Core?
    Floor & Core is suitable for complete beginners.
  • How often are the exercise programmes?
    The whole programme is 20 weeks long with five exercise series. You receive a new exercise series every four weeks. You need to commit to completing the exercise series 2 to 3 times a week.
  • How much does Floor & Core cost?
    Floor & Core has two membership payment plans. You can either choose a rolling membership payment of £15 per month or a one-off £60 payment. See our Plans & Pricings page.
  • What device should I use to follow the programme?
    A laptop is best to use to follow along with the videos. You can access them on a tablet or phone as well. There are also downloadable exercise sheets for each series that you can print and put up as a reminder at home.
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