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About Floor & Core

Floor and Core is an online exercise programme to help people - men and women - who need to rehabilitate their pelvic floor following events like surgery or pregnancy.


Pelvic floor dysfunction can have a really negative impact on everyday living. I know it can be a source of anxiety for anyone who suffers from incontinence, discomfort or pain as a result of a weakened pelvic floor. The overall aim of Floor & Core is for you to see an improvement in bladder control, pelvic pain and your general fitness. 


This 20 week series works to progressively strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles through a range of dynamic exercises. The exercises are simple and don’t need anything more than a mat and some basic weights. 


Floor & Core is designed to fit around your lifestyle, so you can approach it at the time and pace you need. The programme provides you with a new video exercise series every four weeks. You will need to commit to spending 20-30 minutes completing the exercises 2-3 times a week in order to get the benefit from this programme. Each new series steps up the challenge so that you will see a sustained improvement in your core strength and pelvic floor control as the programme progresses.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Read our FAQs or get in touch with any questions you have.

Meet Simon

CIMSPA fitness instructor, personal trainer, exercise referral instructor and cancer rehab specialist.

Meet Simon

I've always had an interest in fitness and performance, from rowing at school and later in my eight years of military service. 


At age 50 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I realised that my level of fitness significantly improved my recovery from treatments and surgery.


I subsequently trained as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. My personal experience with cancer made me aware of the unique challenges for people regaining strength after cancer treatment, and I am qualified in cancer rehabilitation.


My work in fitness has shown how much a person can improve their health and quality of life with a consistent, focused training program. I created Floor and Core to help more people gain access to a targeted training programme which I believe can be life changing.

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