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Rehabilitate your pelvic floor

Join me for an online 20-week at home training programme that works to rehabilitate weakened pelvic floor muscles using a whole-body approach.

Floor and Core is an online exercise programme to help people - men and women - who need to rehabilitate their pelvic floor following events like surgery or pregnancy.

Pelvic floor dysfunction can have a really negative impact on everyday living. I know it can be a source of anxiety for anyone who suffers from incontinence, discomfort or pain as a result of a weakened pelvic floor. The overall aim of Floor & Core is for you to see an improvement in bladder control, pelvic pain and your general fitness.

Using a range of dynamic exercises, the Floor & Core training programme focuses on first strengthening the muscles around your core. The result of this combined approach is more support, stability and control around pelvic floor muscles and more comfort and confidence for you.

The programme

20 week exercise programme

4 progressive training series

Effective dynamic exercises

Guided videos to take you through each move

Reminders and check-ins throughout

Flexible workout schedule

30 minute sessions

No special equipment needed

Get the entire 5 month programme for free!

*Limited Availability*


Try out Floor & Core FREE for the full 20 weeks, for a limited time frame only.


No credit card required, no upsells, just 5 months of progressive core and pelvic floor rehabilitation.


NHS referral specialist

Floor & Core is a safe programme for pelvic floor rehabilitation. It is designed to help anyone - male or female, young or old - who has a weak pelvic floor due to a health condition, surgery or pregnancy and birth. 

My NHS referral programme makes it easy for you to send information about Floor & Core to your patients. 

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